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Why home security installers should become pre-approved

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Why home security installers should become pre-approved

By the nature of where they must perform their role, it’s a given that home technology installers must be tradespeople that property owners can trust. Fitting equipment in their personal sanctuary and sometimes in the presence of their pets and loved ones, most homeowners are picky about who they enlist the aid of.

However, customer criterion is typically even stricter for those who install solutions designed to protect their property like CCTV and alarm system installers. Fortunately, becoming an approved installer is an ideal way for home security experts to promote a trustworthy reputation. Read in to find out more.

Part of an organisation

Registered with a business directory, you can present an established image to potential clients. As a member of an organised association, customers will consider you a dependable service as your references and expertise have already been verified.

Carrying the Digital Tick

Once pre-approved, you’ll be granted full access to the renowned ‘Digital Tick’ trademark, a symbol of quality workmanship and trust. A brand pack will allow you to download files of the Tick logo for digital use on your website and social media accounts, but also print-ready versions you can use on literature, business cards and even to create stickers for your company vehicle.

You’ll also receive a personalised photo ID card that shows the customers that you serve that you’re a ‘Digital Tick’ approved installer when you visit your home.

Get pre-approved now

When you become an approved installer with Getmedigital, you’ll be able to leverage the advantages above for your business along with many more. Get in touch today for full details.

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