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A guide to smart blinds and their benefits

High-quality smart blinds can do far more than just block out unwanted light. The latest smart blinds available can not only add a stylish appearance to interiors, but [...]

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Your checklist to becoming an approved home technology installer

If you’re a skilled professional who specialises in fitting the latest technology for homeowners, you may have considered becoming an [...]

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Study shows 115 million smart buildings by 2026

Smart technology is increasingly being adopted by owners of both residential and business properties, enhancing user experiences offering convenience and improved security. Now, a new study undertaken by Juniper Research has discovered that the number of premises around [...]

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How to improve your home cinema picture

The latest projectors on the mark offer homeowners a big screen experience for family movie nights, but picture issues sometimes persist. While [...]

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What’s the easiest type of TV aerial to install?

By far, the simplest kind of TV aerial to install around your home is an indoor option. No specialist skills or equipment are typically required, and following some basic operator instructions will usually get it into [...]

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Smart Lighting in your Garden

Why is smart lighting ideal for 2022?

With rising energy costs across the country, many households are needing to dig deeper into their pockets to pay bigger bills. At the same time, an increased awareness of environmental issues is leading people to [...]

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Best 4K TV from Samsung

The new Samsung QN95B appears to be best yet released by Samsung, it is their flagship 4K TV for 2022.

Advanced Image Processing

Powered by their second-generation Neo QLED screen technology, coming with their most advanced image processing yet by Samsung, plus the power of the mini-LED backlight – you will only experience amazing colours that come in perfect detail and the most enjoyable experience yet.

Looks beautiful

The TV itself is attractive, lightweight and beautifully slim and a screen that delivers a high quality picture even in the daylight with great sound.

You will notice the sharpness to every picture, if a gamer, the responsiveness to games plus the TV is has strong streaming app support as well as host of gaming features.

4K at it’s best

This is truly a superb 4K TV from Samsung and not to be missed.

Find out more about this fascinating TV at Samsung

Installing an indoor TV aerial

How home tech installers can connect with customers

You might be a qualified installer with education and experience under your belt, but letting homeowners know you’re available isn’t always easy.

Today, let’s look at [...]

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Smart Lighting Technology

UK capital to welcome world smart tech brand

London’s thriving retail hub of Hammersmith has been selected as the location for global smart-tech firm Riversong’s new office.

Specialising in offering an [...]

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How to get home cinema sounds on a budget

Nothing unites a family like a movie night, shared streaming show or big sports match in cosy home theatre. While picture is important, achieving optimum sound from your systems can enhance your enjoyment and offer [...]

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