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Category: Smarthome

Households can reduce energy bills using smart home technology


The latest Smart home technology has been developed to provide convenient solutions that allow people to enjoy effective security, ease of living and access to online media.

While these tangible benefits are clear, smart home technology is also adopted by many households across the UK to help them cope with increased living costs. In this blog, we’ll explore just how smart technology can assist when it comes to making significant savings.


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What are the key advantages of using a smart home alarm system?

Burglar 002

Firms working at the forefront of the technology sector are making innovative security solutions that are increasingly affordable for homeowners. Advanced options, once only available to governments or leading firms, such as motion detection, facial recognition and video surveillance, are now shipped as standard for installation in residential buildings. Read on, as we dig deep into the gains accessible by users of the latest smart home alarms.


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Why are smart doorbells ideal for the festive season?

Ring Video Doorbell

Home security equipment is fast becoming increasingly affordable and fitted with smart technology. One of the most popular options is the smart doorbell, which is also known as a video doorbell.

Wi-Fi enabled, these compact devices pack an HD camera, speaker and a microphone at minimum. However, cutting-edge models even offer night vision and motion detection. While the security benefits of the solutions can be enjoyed year-round, in this blog we’ll outline the advantages they offer at this time of year.


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Research anticipates steady growth for smart home installation market

Man Holding Smarthome scaled

A recent study undertaken by market experts has predicted long-lasting and steady growth for businesses operating in the smart home installation sector. The comprehensive report took into consideration a wide range of factors, including new technological breakthroughs experienced by the smart home installation service market and supply and demand data to make its forecast. [...]

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Is it worth signing up to an installer business directory?

Getmedigital Approved Installers

Your firm might focus on fitting smart hubs or home cinemas or involve adding satellite and aerial installation, but offering a specialist service comes with certain considerations.

For instance, it is vital that you can be found by customers seeking your specific services. You must also be able to stay informed on the latest equipment available for your field and be able to obtain it for the best price possible.


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Important shift revealed for smart home tech deployment

Smart Home Technology Professional

Recent research has uncovered that consumers’ appetite for smart home technologies and the Internet of things (IoT) is showing continued growth. [...]

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What are the advantages of a smart refrigerator?

smart coffee

While smart home security, lighting and heating systems are becoming standard in many new homes, households embracing smart technology are [...]

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What services do smart home technology consultants offer?

Smart Home Technology Consultant

If you’re interested in automating your home so its features can easily be accessed by voice command, or from a swipe on your smartphone, such an epic [...]

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Four ways smart homes can help you relax

Home Cinema

Smart home technology is designed to be dependable and convenient, saving time and energy while offering enhanced security. As a result of using [...]

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Google unveils smart home protocol


From smart hubs to smart lightbulbs, devices ranging from simple to all-inclusive require integration to operate effectively, leading many homeowners to enlist the aid of an expert home technology installer rather than tackle this tricky task themselves. [...]

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