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Starlink receives NGSO licenses from UK regulator

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Starlink receives NGSO licenses from UK regulator

Spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX has been granted permission now to expand its low-earth orbit satellite broad band network, in the UK.

The technology giant helmed by entrepreneur Elon Musk recently gained the approval of UK regulator Ofcom, allowing it to triple its current number of non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) gateways across the country from three to nine. As a result, Starlink will now be able improve upon its current network redundancy and capacity to offer services to both businesses and homes in the UK.

While most of the United Kingdom is currently able to access Starlink internet, some of its more remote areas in norther Scotland have been unable to make use of its benefits. Establishing infrastructure and obtaining licences for NGSP gateways is a key part of the process of expanding the network and the recently permits issued by Ofcom will make Starlink available to more UK users while expanding the quality of the service.

To date, SpaceX is the first firm to receive an official licence under ffcom’s recently strengthened regime for NGSO licensing. When Starlink sought approval for its initial three NGSO gateways, a consultation process was not required.

A spokesperson for Ofcom commented that it is currently continuing to review the way that it manages the spectrum used by companies in the space sector. In a recent space spectrum strategy document, it outlined an initiative to consider giving access to more spectrum with the aim of enabling the delivery satellite broadband services with higher speeds to more people and businesses.

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