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Exploring the Latest Media Wall Designs

latest media wall designs

In this article we will explore the latest media wall designs that have been gaining popularity in home interior design. From statement pieces to functional designs, these media walls serve as the focal point of any room while also providing practical storage and display solutions for your media devices. In a world where visual engagement [...]read moreExploring the Latest Media Wall Designs

What is the Future of Electricity and the Impact of the Green Energy Electric Revolution

green energy electric

The shift towards green energy is known as the Green Energy Electric Revolution. As the world is currently facing a critical issue – the depletion of non-renewable energy resources and the impact it has on our environment. The increasing demand for electricity, coupled with the rising concerns over climate change, has led to a push [...]read moreWhat is the Future of Electricity and the Impact of the Green Energy Electric Revolution

Intelligent Elegance: The Mechanics and Benefits of Smart Window Blinds

smart window blinds

The increasing prevalence of smart-home technologies has opened up a wealth of possibilities for home automation. Smart window blinds are one such innovation, allowing homeowners to control the amount of light entering their homes with the touch of a button. Whether you’re trying to conserve energy or create an ideal atmosphere for entertaining guests, intelligent [...]read moreIntelligent Elegance: The Mechanics and Benefits of Smart Window Blinds

Is it worth signing up to an installer business directory?

Getmedigital Approved Installers

Your firm might focus on fitting smart hubs or home cinemas or involve adding satellite and aerial installation, but offering a specialist service comes with certain considerations.

For instance, it is vital that you can be found by customers seeking your specific services. You must also be able to stay informed on the latest equipment available for your field and be able to obtain it for the best price possible.


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Why home security installers should become pre-approved

Getmedigital Approved Installers resized

By the nature of where they must perform their role, it’s a given that home technology installers must be tradespeople that property owners can trust. Fitting equipment in their personal sanctuary and sometimes in the presence of their pets and loved ones, most homeowners are picky about who they enlist the aid of. [...]

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What difference can a Digital Tick make for installers?

Digital Tick Transparent

Successful home technology installers are always on the lookout for ways to expand their customer base and improve their bottom line. [...]

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How to build customer confidence in an installation service

Ring Installer

Home technology installation is a growing market here in the UK, with many households adopting the latest smart solutions for lighting, security and entertainment. As a result, firms focused on fitting equipment must have [...]

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Keeping competitive as an approved installer

Digital Tick Transparent 1

Running an enterprise as a home tech installer can be a rewarding career offering a constant learning experience while delivering customer satisfaction. While being a [...]

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Why do trade professionals sign up to business directories?

Digital Tick Transparent 1

Your business might involve fitting home cinemas and aerials, or might focus on setting up smart hubs for homes, but working as a professional installer is always a specialist trade.

As a result, it’s essential that [...]

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What do customers want from a smart home technology installer?

Ring Installer

To run a successful business that fits the latest smart technology in people’s homes, it’s important to understand expectations. A combination of the [...]

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