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Why do trade professionals sign up to business directories?

Getmedigital - Online Home Technology Directory

Your business might involve fitting home cinemas and aerials, or might focus on setting up smart hubs for homes, but working as a professional installer is always a specialist trade.

As a result, it’s essential that [...]

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What do customers want from a smart home technology installer?

To run a successful business that fits the latest smart technology in people’s homes, it’s important to understand expectations. A combination of the [...]

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How can your installation business get the Digital Tick?

You might be a specialist at installing home aerials or have expertise in fitting the latest smart media centres, but qualifications aren’t always enough to reassure your customers that you’re a trusted tradesperson. Fortunately, easily recognisable symbols like the Digital Tick make it easier for you to show homeowners you are a competent professional they can trust to perform work within their property. Read on as we explore what [...]

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Your checklist to becoming an approved home technology installer

If you’re a skilled professional who specialises in fitting the latest technology for homeowners, you may have considered becoming an [...]

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Key steps to becoming a successful home technology installer

Home technology is a thriving industry here in the UK, making experienced installers more in demand than ever.

If you’re starting a [...]

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What resources do approved installers enjoy?

Running a business as a home technology installer has many benefits. From increased flexibility to steering your own ship, being the boss can be [...]

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What are the financial gains of becoming an approved installer?

Dedicated business directories suited to home technology installers are able to pre-check tradespeople, meaning homeowners can easily track down a [...]

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Top benefits of becoming an approved installer in 2022

Top benefits of becoming an approved installer

Since March 2020, people across the country have been spending more time in their homes than ever before. This has led to an increased use of home [...]

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Why do installers join business directories?

You might focus on fitting smart home systems like lighting or be an expert on networking, but being a professional installer is always a [...]

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How to earn trust as an approved installer

Whether you are a CCTV and security alarm installer or an expert at setting up network cabling and satellite broadband, any professional tradesperson with [...]

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