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Categories Archives: Home Cinema

Does your home cinema need a soundbar?

While high-definition picture quality can improve your visual experience, when enjoying a home cinema, the power of audio must never be underestimated. Let’s explore what a soundbar is and the many benefits of adding one to your set up. [...]

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Two common causes of poor projector picture quality

Home theatre experiences can easily be ruined by a poor picture. Blurred or fuzzy images are never appreciated when you’re trying to enjoy the latest blockbuster on your [...]

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How to improve your home cinema picture

The latest projectors on the mark offer homeowners a big screen experience for family movie nights, but picture issues sometimes persist. While [...]

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Best 4K TV from Samsung

The new Samsung QN95B appears to be best yet released by Samsung, it is their flagship 4K TV for 2022. Advanced Image Processing Powered by their second-generation Neo QLED screen [...]read moreBest 4K TV from Samsung

How to get home cinema sounds on a budget

Nothing unites a family like a movie night, shared streaming show or big sports match in cosy home theatre. While picture is important, achieving optimum sound from your systems can enhance your enjoyment and offer [...]

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What is Balanced Mode Radiator technology?

If you’re researching how to set up your own home cinema, you might come across the term Balanced Mode Radiator, or BMR. Some of the latest [...]

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What is a centre channel speaker for in-home cinemas?

In a home theatre’s sound system, the centre channel speaker is a vital piece of technology. This is because it is primarily responsible for delivering around 70% of all dialogue in television shows and [...]

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Research reveals 2021 renaissance for home entertainment

With cinemas closed and government lockdowns in force over the last two years, more people than ever purchased home cinema equipment for entertainment.

From television projectors offering [...]

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Calibrating your TV or projector to boost home cinema quality

It’s understood that most projectors and TVs won’t perform at optimum straight from the box. This means that unless you employ a [...]

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How can a subwoofer enhance your home cinema experience?

When you built your home theatre system, among the first equipment you purchased was probably some speakers for high-quality audio. However, when you’re [...]

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