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Categories Archives: Home Cinema

Category: Home Cinema

Exploring the Latest Media Wall Designs

latest media wall designs

In this article we will explore the latest media wall designs that have been gaining popularity in home interior design. From statement pieces to functional designs, these media walls serve as the focal point of any room while also providing practical storage and display solutions for your media devices. In a world where visual engagement [...]read moreExploring the Latest Media Wall Designs

How home cinema installers can keep ahead of the competition

Home Cinema

During the Government lockdowns for COVID-19, cinema fans were unable to watch the latest releases in theatres. To compensate, many homeowners invested in home cinema installations where they could continue to enjoy the latest blockbusters streaming online. [...]

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World Cup 2022

World Cup

It’s not too late to get yourself ready to watch the World Cup this year.  Getting your viewing experience, the best it can be is without question.  There is a lot of TV’s out there and with the speed of players on screen, it can be difficult for older TV’s to keep up.  [...]

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Movie Magic at Home: Stunning Home Cinema Design Ideas

Home Cinema

In this article we will look at stunning home cinema design ideas to get your creative juices flowing. With the rise in popularity of streaming platforms and home entertainment systems such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, more people are opting to create their own home cinema experience. A well-designed home cinema can provide the [...]read moreMovie Magic at Home: Stunning Home Cinema Design Ideas

What’s the easiest way to set up a home cinema?

cinema 3 edit 1920 x 1080 1024x576 1

If you’ve investigated establishing a home theatre of your own, you could be forgiven for being baffled by the options. From the multitude of speaker types and systems available to [...]

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Does your home cinema need a soundbar?

Home Cinema2

While high-definition picture quality can improve your visual experience, when enjoying a home cinema, the power of audio must never be underestimated. Let’s explore what a soundbar is and the many benefits of adding one to your set up. [...]

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How to improve your home cinema picture

Home Cinema2

The latest projectors on the mark offer homeowners a big screen experience for family movie nights, but picture issues sometimes persist. While [...]

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Best 4K TV from Samsung


The new Samsung QN95B appears to be best yet released by Samsung, it is their flagship 4K TV for 2022. Advanced Image Processing Powered by their second-generation Neo QLED screen technology, coming with their most advanced image processing yet by Samsung, plus the power of the mini-LED backlight – you will only experience amazing colours [...]read moreBest 4K TV from Samsung

How to get home cinema sounds on a budget

Home Cinema

Nothing unites a family like a movie night, shared streaming show or big sports match in cosy home theatre. While picture is important, achieving optimum sound from your systems can enhance your enjoyment and offer [...]

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What is Balanced Mode Radiator technology?


If you’re researching how to set up your own home cinema, you might come across the term Balanced Mode Radiator, or BMR. Some of the latest [...]

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