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Categories Archives: Alarms and Security

Category: Alarms and Security

Predictive Protection: A Closer Look at the Benefits of AI Security Cameras

ai security cameras

AI security Cameras are becoming increasingly popular as a way to protect homes and businesses from potential threats. These cameras use artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which enables them to detect and analyse suspicious activity in real time. But what exactly makes AI security cameras so effective? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at [...]read morePredictive Protection: A Closer Look at the Benefits of AI Security Cameras

What are the key advantages of using a smart home alarm system?

Burglar 002

Firms working at the forefront of the technology sector are making innovative security solutions that are increasingly affordable for homeowners. Advanced options, once only available to governments or leading firms, such as motion detection, facial recognition and video surveillance, are now shipped as standard for installation in residential buildings. Read on, as we dig deep into the gains accessible by users of the latest smart home alarms.


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How often should you test your home fire and smoke alarms?

Fire safety

The size of your home will dictate the extent of your fire prevention systems. Small properties may only require a single smoke alarm, while larger residences can require multiple smoke detectors connected to a multi-zone fire alarm to keep them safe. [...]

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Yale voted best for smart home alarms

Yale Smart Home System

The Sync Smart Home Alarm from Yale was recently rated the most comprehensive wireless sensor system in the mid-price range. [...]

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Did you know that smart lighting can boost home security?

home sec

Smart lighting solutions that use LED bulbs are renowned for their energy-saving properties and user-friendly controls that allow homeowners to switch lights off and on with their voice, or [...]

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Can you convert a wired home alarm system into a smart solution?

Smart plug

Smart alarm systems offer a wide range of benefits including convenience and advanced security. However, if you already have a wired system installed in your home, [...]

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Does your property need a smart lock?

Smart Lock

If you’ve ever left your home or office and worried that you haven’t locked up, a smart lock might be ideal. [...]

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New affordable tech launched for apartment safety

Fire safety

Based on cutting-edge wireless closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology, a new type of fire alarm is now available for [...]

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UK criminologist advises use of smart home technology


Lee Curran, a lecturer in criminal justice and the Deputy Head at University Centre St Helens, Merseyside, recently offered homeowners expert advice on how to [...]

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Make your Smart Home secure

Smart Lock

Years ago, a secure home meant you had locks, deadbolts, and latchkeys with little keys for all your windows.  Since then, home security has come a long way with smart and keyless security options for your home. Before deciding on what you need or want, it is worth taking a bit of time to research [...]read moreMake your Smart Home secure