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Yale voted best for smart home alarms

Yale Smart Home System

Yale voted best for smart home alarms

The Sync Smart Home Alarm from Yale was recently rated the most comprehensive wireless sensor system in the mid-price range.

Using sensor-based technology, Yale Sync features twin passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, one door or window sensor and a control keypad that allows users to disarm and arm the system. When the system identifies an intruder, the entire house will be made aware of it, thanks to the 105 decibel, battery-powered siren. This equipment produces a bright yellow light that attaches to the front of a property and is designed to frighten off would-be intruders.

The comprehensive system communicates via a Wi-Fi smart hub equipped with a considerable 200 metre range allowing it to serve sizeable properties. Setting up the system can take longer than it does for other products, but mainly this is because the siren must be affixed to an outside wall. However, establishing the Wi-Fi employing the Yale application is relatively easy, but users must work through multiple daunting steps to ensure all devices are correctly synced.

Employing a smart alarm installer can make the process far easier from start to finish and ensure that all equipment is functioning at optimum for maximum protection.

The Yale Sync provides complete app-based control and a geolocation feature designed to remind users to set their alarm when exiting the property. It’s smart connectivity also enables it to transmit mobile alerts if the sensors detect an intruder and emit an alarm if necessary. Due to its impressive range, the system can also be used to protect and outbuildings on the premises.

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