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How often should you test your home fire and smoke alarms?

Fire safety

How often should you test your home fire and smoke alarms?

The size of your home will dictate the extent of your fire prevention systems. Small properties may only require a single smoke alarm, while larger residences can require multiple smoke detectors connected to a multi-zone fire alarm to keep them safe. To ensure you can count on your devices systems, they must be tested.

Battery-powered alarms

Many smoke and fire alarms used in UK homes are basic models that run on batteries. Unfortunately, they are not always the most dependable power source, which can put your household at significant risk. Inferior brands can run out quickly and even products from leading manufacturers can run out unexpectedly when you need them most.

As a result, battery alarms are higher maintenance as their functionality must be tested more frequently with weekly checks advised by many electrical professionals.

Wired alarms systems

Hard-wired systems that run using your mains electrical supply are a more reliable solution and therefore need testing less often. While bi-annual tests are typically adequate, wired systems should always be tested by a professional in fire alarm installation and maintenance. If your contractor identifies any issues with your system, they can undertake immediate repairs to make certain you can depend on your early warning devices if a fire occurs.

Whether you need an expert fire alarm installer or an ongoing maintenance contract, at Getmedigital, we can help. Use our handy search tool to track down a pre-approved and certified professional who covers your local area.

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