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Thinking about getting a smart doorbell?

Smart Doorbells are becoming more and more popular to enable homeowners to see who is at their door and to provide additional home security.  With the increase of smart devices and smart assistants, we can all get a bit overwhelmed with the different options, amount of apps we have to install to control and interact with the devices – it can be enough to put you off.

Smart Doorbells can be a great addition to your home and a great new feature which will be available soon, may encourage you now to take the plunge.

The new feature is Quick Replies which enables you to use an automated response from your Amazon Alexa to answer the doorbell for you if you are unable to make it to the door in time.  You need to select a pre-recorded messages so a little time is required initially.  You are able to choose from six pre-recorded messages which options such as ‘Please leave the parcel outside’ or a simple message to ask the caller to wait to give you time to get to the door.

It has the flexibility to be set to be activated with the ring of the doorbell or even just by the detection of motion – this is helpful if you have concerns for parcels being taken from your doorstep when left by a delivery driver.

If you opt for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro – you will have more options, however, you will need an active Ring Protect subscription.  The added features include, when the bell is rung, your Alexa can ask how she can help the caller – either take a message or even provide a location for a parcel to be left. The messages can be easily accessed via your Ring app and can also be watched back or in real-time if you can’t make it to the door.

Linking it to your Alexa could just be the right time to take the plunge and get a smart doorbell from Ring.

If you need any help or advice on installing your doorbell, it may be useful to contact one of our Approved Installers by using the search box on our homepage.

Smart Meter

Should you have a smart meter fitted when offered

Most utility companies have a program of rolling out smart meters and are encouraging their customers to have one fitted or replacing really old meters with smart meters. But do you know what is best to do?

Here is some useful information:-

Qualified engineers will come to your home and install your new smart meter to ensure it is done safely. The new unit/s will replace what you have already with the old unit/s being taken away. The units will send your meter readings direct to your supplier so you don’t need to worry anymore about sending in your meter readings yourself.

You will be able to see a display screen which will show you your energy usage in real time which is useful to see when you are using your energy most and how much. When you switch on your kettle you will see your energy usage increase so this will help with monitoring and potentially creating better habits.

There is no charge to consumers to have a smart meter fitted and you will still be able to see and check your bills – most displays will allow you to look at daily, weekly and monthly usage so you can track how much you are using.

When switching supplier you should be able to do this really easily irrelevant of who installed your smart meter – with some models you may still need to report your final meter readings.

Renting or have a PAYG (Pay as You Go) meter – not a problem. With the PAYG meter, there are many that come with an app so you get a warning when your credit is running low and will give you the ability to top up your account. If you are renting you can still opt for a smart meter but it is wise to advise your landlord and also check your tenancy agreement.

All in all, a smart meter should make your life easier and help you to keep track of your bills and energy usage and even save you money if you change your habits.

Apple watches

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

If you go to buy the latest Apple Watch, you will typically be presented with the series 6 or SE options. It is worth thinking before you go to purchase your watch, what it is exactly you want to use it for and the features you wish to benefit from – this will help you choose the best option for you.

In essence, these two models are very similar. They both run from the latest watchOS 7 software and have GPS built in – the benefit of this is so you can go out running or even just out and about knowing you will still get the accurate fitness stats you want. They both have good bright screens and are water resistant upto 50m.


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Home Cinema

Why create a cinema room

Home cinema rooms have been around for some time and quite often have been associated with millionaires and footballers’ mansions, however, you will be surprised how many households are turning dining rooms, lesser used rooms into an entertainment space. Not only do we want to get the most out of watching our favourite films and programmes, but there’s also nothing like a global pandemic to force you to spend more time at home and re-evaluate family time. The trend in investing in our homes does not seem to be slowing down and home entertainment is certainly an area where there has been a focus.


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Smart Lock

August WiFi Smart Lock

Smart locks are becoming more and more popular.  They provide great security for you home whilst taking away the hassle of carrying and searching for keys, having to give neighbours keys to check on your house whilst away or for friends and family. [...]

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Red House 1

Do Smart Homes really save you money?

This is a question frequently asked and a worthy one when considering what smart technology to opt for in your home.  In this blog we cover some popular areas where the use of smart technology is increasing. [...]

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Turning your old photos into digital ones

All of us will have at least one box full of old photos – treasure pictures which show a family history, memorable moments and keepsakes of a life gone by.  Quite often they are stuck in the loft or garage, waiting to be dug out.  Why not turn those precious photos into digital ones – it makes it easier to show them to family and friends and keeps them safe from decay, being lost or damaged.

Here are some tips to turning your old photos digital to help you through the process. [...]

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Smart Lighting Garden

Smart Lighting doesn’t just to have to be for indoors

As we head to the summer we long for the light nights where we can sit outdoors and enjoy the warmer summer evenings.  Indoors we are all using smarter lighting, but you can enhance your garden with smart lighting and create some great affects and whilst hopefully being able to entertain friends and family – lighting means you can enjoy your summer nights for longer. [...]

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Should you insure your gadget separately to your home insurance?

As we increase the number of gadgets we have, this is now a very valid question to be asking yourself and important to check. There is nothing worse than attempting to make a claim to find out that you are not as covered as you thought, especially if its your favourite gadget. [...]

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TV Wall Mounting 1

How to choose the best wall mounting for your TV

Wall mounting your TV is a great way to create space and position your TV out of the way and in a place that will give you the best view and experience but it important get it right with the main aim to ensure your TV does not fall off the wall. [...]

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