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Do I need a digital camera as well as my smartphone?


Do I need a digital camera as well as my smartphone?

As smartphones have developed so have their in-built cameras.  For example, the iPhone 12 Pro, comes with an ultra-wide, wide and telephoto lens, 2x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out and 4x optical zoom range with a digital zoom upto 10x and completed with night mode.  With this spec is there any need to invest in a digital camera?

There are thoughts, that yes there is.  Options such as the GoPro or a high-end DSLR with bring added enjoyment and quality to your photos.  Before making the decision, ask yourself the following: –

Exactly what are you going to use the camera for? – Both options are there to capture your memories, whether you are on holiday, at a family event or simply out and about walking.  It is important to think, once taken, what do you want to do with your photos.  It is obvious that using your smartphone as your sole camera is convenient – you already carry your phone with you, so it makes sense.  It also means that you are ready to capture a photo at any time.  The apps for photo editing that are now available to download to your smartphone are also endless which makes it easy for you to make changes to create the perfect picture.  In today’s experiences and with the social media platforms such as TikTok, it is likely that many photos taken will just end up on social media. With larger screens now available with smartphones you can even see more of what you are capturing and great for video playback.

Higher quality with digital cameras

Even though smartphone cameras have developed with technology, they are still best capturing a static picture and one that has good lighting.  Capturing moving pictures and those that aren’t in great light should drive you towards buying a digital camera.  Not only are they better here but they provide higher quality images which is enabled by larger sensors on a digital camera which capture more light.  You can also add on a more powerful flash and with a 10x optical zoom – you just won’t get this with a smartphone.

You will have many options available to you for lenses if you opt for a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) that enables you to capture the results you want depending on the type of photos that you are taking.

If you plan on printing pictures you will get a higher quality image using a digital camera.  Typically, with a smartphone image you will need to blow it up for a larger print, meaning the grain levels are more noticeable than with digital cameras which have higher megapixels and resolution.

Most people will continue to use their smartphone as it is so convenient and for its purpose, they provide good quality pictures and video which suit uploading to social media etc.  If you want high quality printable pictures or take photography a bit more seriously then a digital camera is a must.  GoPros are great for action shots and DSLR’s are great for pure photography for the best images.

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