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WiFi is so important for your smart home devices

WiFI Speed

WiFi is so important for your smart home devices

We have typically thought of gas, electric and water as our main utilities, but with the development of the smart home, WiFi is the now regarded as the fourth utility and is vital for everything to work effectively.  Even the basics of streaming what we want to watch, puts the demand on our WiFi and you certainly know by your viewing experience if your WiFi is any good.

Speed available – it isn’t always down to getting the fastest service and more about what is available in your area.  Not all areas have the fastest speeds or fibre available, so it is about looking for the best and fastest service available for your area.  There will be websites in your area where you will be able to check the providers available and the speeds that they can offer.  Another example for those BT customers waiting for higher speed WiFi is their postcode checker to see when full fibre will be available for your home.

Price – a faster service can quite often come with a higher premium, so you do need to decide what you need versus what you want to pay, plus the length of the contract.

Service – There are more and more companies providing WiFi services so read up on them and their service.  How does it compare to others, is it reliable, what is their customer service like?  All important factors when choosing the best option.  Sometimes you only find out how good a company is when something goes wrong, so make sure you read reviews so you know if this happens, that they will sort it out for you.

Our last suggestion is that while connecting to WiFi within your home for any device could be your only option, where you do have the option to run an ethernet cable from your router to your device, do so – you will get a better and more stable connection. Also, to keep the bandwidth usage to a minimum in your house (and to assist you in achieving better speeds in the rooms you are using) turn off (or put to sleep) any WiFi reliant devices when not using them, such as Amazon Firesticks, Smart TV’s etc…

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