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What do customers want from a smart home technology installer?

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What do customers want from a smart home technology installer?

To run a successful business that fits the latest smart technology in people’s homes, it’s important to understand expectations. A combination of the rising number of scams and the increased availability of online reviews has made UK homeowners more cautious about who they hire, and more demanding regarding the level of service the receive.

Let’s run through what customers are currently looking for in a smart home technology installer

An installer they can trust

Customers want a tradesperson they feel safe to have in their home. However, they also want to be able to count on an installer to arrive on time and complete work in a timely fashion, while tidying up after themselves too.


Homeowners are hiring installers for their expert knowledge and skills. They require those they hire to have an in-depth understanding of their chosen profession, along with the necessary skills and certification as evidence of their abilities.

Real recommendations

Finally, people now look to online reviews and testimonials for authentic experiences of the services they purchase.

A helping hand from Getmedigital

We can help you tick all these boxes. By becoming pre-approved and joining our business directory, you can carry the digital tick on your ID, van, website and marketing materials, showing prospective clients you are trustworthy and an expert in your trade. You’ll also have your own profile page where you can outline your abilities and add testimonials from your satisfied customers. Contact us today to apply.

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