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What difference can a Digital Tick make for installers?

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What difference can a Digital Tick make for installers?

Successful home technology installers are always on the lookout for ways to expand their customer base and improve their bottom line. Building any business starts with a firm foundation and, for many firms, this means creating a solid reputation for skills, quality and trustworthiness.

While many installers can deliver these characteristics through their service, informing customers isn’t always easy. When looking for professional help, most homeowners don’t have time to read endless testimonials and lists of qualifications, but when they see a Digital Tick, they don’t need to.

Earn your right to use the Digital Tick

When you become an approved installer, you can use the easily recognisable Digital Tick as part of your business. Government-affiliated and a symbol of dependability and capability, the Tick is synonymous with trusted tradespeople. As soon as you become pre-approved, you can display the Tick to potential customers, fast-tracking the hiring process.

How you can use the Digital Tick

Once you are a pre-checked tradesperson, you can access brand downloads of the trademarked Digital Tick logo that are designed for a range of digital and print marketing materials. As a result, you can create stickers, leaflets and signs for your van, but also add authentic logos to your website, social media accounts and even your company vehicle.

You’ll also be sent a photo ID card so you can show your customers that you are now a ‘Digital Tick’ approved installer. Contact Getmedigital today to start your journey to becoming approved.

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