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Why do trade professionals sign up to business directories?

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Why do trade professionals sign up to business directories?

Your business might involve fitting home cinemas and aerials, or might focus on setting up smart hubs for homes, but working as a professional installer is always a specialist trade.

As a result, it’s essential that you are searchable among customers who require your unique services, and that you can access the information and equipment you need at cost-effective prices. To streamline this process, many professional tradespeople are now becoming listed in business directories.

Connecting with the correct clientele

After becoming pre-approved by a directory, expert installers are listed so that people seeking their specialist services can locate them and increase business. Installers are each given a dedicated profile page, on which they can add their key contact details and new customers can read their reviews and testimonials.

Exceptional resources

As members of a directory home technology installers, enjoy access to a brand pack that allows them to use the Digital Tick logo – a mark of quality workmanship and trust on their print and digital media, along with on their ID cards and company vans. Directories also offer fitters access to a dedicated trade directory where both services and goods can be quickly acquired for affordable prices.

Join our business directory now

If you’re ready to join a leading directory, you can get in touch with us at Getmedigital to find out more. Customers based in the areas you cover will be able to find you more quickly and you’ll never pay commission on the jobs you get. Reach the home technology customers you require and join our directory today.

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