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Did you know that smart lighting can boost home security?

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Did you know that smart lighting can boost home security?

Smart lighting solutions that use LED bulbs are renowned for their energy-saving properties and user-friendly controls that allow homeowners to switch lights off and on with their voice, or adjust settings via their smartphone.

However, a little-known benefit of smart lighting installations is how they can enhance home security. Read on to learn more.

Mimic daily life

While lights that remain off for extended periods of time are an indication for burglars that a home is vacant, a constantly illuminated property sends the same message. Smart lighting allows users to schedule lights to come on at specific times. As a result, it is possible to mimic the lighting use of daily home life, even when you are taking a weekend break or longer holiday fooling thieves that your property is inhabited.

Access motion sensors

Most smart lighting technology includes motion sensors. While this is ideal to reduce energy consumption and provides light only when people are present, it can also act as a powerful deterrent to protect your property. If a burglar or trespasser steps onto your premises, sensors can pick up their movement and automatically turn on lights outside and within your home. In most cases, thieves will be startled by the sudden burst of light and will believe they have been heard or spotted.

If you’re ready to access the protective benefits of a smart lighting installation, use our search tool to find an expert tradesperson who has been security checked and approved by Getmedigital.

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