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New affordable tech launched for apartment safety

Fire safety

New affordable tech launched for apartment safety

Based on cutting-edge wireless closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology, a new type of fire alarm is now available for apartment buildings.

The Fire Safety division of Prime Secure has launched a new solution called V-Fire. The cutting-edge option is Britain’s first ever affordable common fire alarm using wireless technology. Previously leaseholders in high-rise apartment block have been required to shoulder high costs for fire safety in buildings where cladding presents a risk.

It can cost over £340,000 each year to employ round-the-clock fire marshals for just a six-floor block of apartments, but V-Fire can significantly lower annual costs to around £61,000 for a property of equal size.

Wired fire alarm installations are reliable, but can be expensive to fit. The new alarm system developed by Prime Secure was based on the company’s previous experience designing wireless CCTV systems. Fully compliant with the UK’s fire safety regulations, V-Fire is far easier to deploy but provides effective protection in multiple-floor buildings.

Duncan Cromb, of Prime Secure, commented:

“Our solution is specifically designed for this use and can be cheaply and easily converted to a permanent simultaneous evacuation alert system for exclusive use by the fire brigade, and in line with a stay-put evacuation policy.”

Cromb added that CCTV has long since revolutionised the way see security, with technological equipment replacing human guards, and stated that it was now time for fire safety measures to take the same approach in apartment buildings with a wireless common fire alarm system.

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