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What is Balanced Mode Radiator technology?


What is Balanced Mode Radiator technology?

If you’re researching how to set up your own home cinema, you might come across the term Balanced Mode Radiator, or BMR. Some of the latest audio equipment deployed in a home setting is now incorporating this advanced technology for the advantages it offers. Read on to find out more

The benefits of BMR

Traditionally, speaker systems have always separated mid-range and treble speakers to ensure good sound quality. However, BMR technology combines treble, mid-range and some bass, creating a full-range sound experience in a single and more compact package than most conventional speakers.
As a result of this cutting-edge technology, homeowners can select much smaller and less obtrusive speakers while enjoying a powerful sound system. With the wide range of audio frequency delivered by BMR, a deceptively small speaker can still impress.

Enhanced flexibility

BMR-driven speakers can be positioned anywhere in you living space. This is because BMR technology features almost 180 degrees of sound dispersion. Consequently, it is far easier to fill your room with sound whether you want to hear your favourite music or stream the latest blockbuster release. BMR radiates sound waves uniformly, avoiding the creation of sweet spots for an enhanced audio experience, and speakers that include this technology will sound great regardless of their placement.

Installing your sound system

If you’re setting up a home media hub, an approved installer can ensure you get the best audio experience possible. To find a pre-checked professional who is local to you, consult the easy-to-use directory here at Getmedigital today.

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