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How to improve your home cinema picture

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How to improve your home cinema picture

The latest projectors on the mark offer homeowners a big screen experience for family movie nights, but picture issues sometimes persist. While enlisting an expert to set up your home cinema is the best way to guarantee you get the best from your equipment, read on for some tips to improve picture quality when using a projector.

Never use keystone correction

First-time users should avoid the use of keystone correction, especially if their projector will be a permanent fixture. Keystone correction is a type of digital technique to correct a projected image that results in a trapezoid shape, instead of the flat rectangle required. However, the process involves picture distortion that doesn’t use all pixels of the projector. As a result, image quality suffers and becomes softer.

Position your projector properly

Always position projectors parallel to the specific surface serving as your screen. A dedicated stand can be easily purchased that can be adjusted to the required height for optimum picture quality.

Try black lined curtains

Even with curtains closed, ambient light exists that can make projector picture quality less sharp. Buying curtains with a black lining can keep out any unwanted light and let you watch movies at any time of day.

Choose a grey screen

Whether you paint a wall in your home grey or buy a grey projection screen, this option provides better results than white solutions, increasing contrast and delivering deep blacks for a richer picture.

Help with home cinema setup

Search the Getmedigital directory today for a pre-approved home cinema installer in your area to get a perfect picture every time.

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