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How to get home cinema sounds on a budget

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How to get home cinema sounds on a budget

Nothing unites a family like a movie night, shared streaming show or big sports match in cosy home theatre. While picture is important, achieving optimum sound from your systems can enhance your enjoyment and offer cutting-edge auditory experiences.

While there are a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to home cinema sound systems, read on to discover the most basic set-up to buy when you’re on a budget.

The 2.0 system

Also known as a two-channel set-up, a 2.0 system features two speakers positioned on the left and right of your TV. This simple option is already a vast improvement on the standard speaker built into your TV, which makes for tinny and distorted sounds. However, it’s important to note that a two-channel set-up is not strictly considered home cinema sound. For this, you need one more speaker.

The 3.0 system

If you add a centre channel speaker, you’ll enjoy a 3.0 set-up. Centre speakers should be positioned above or below your TV, and between the right and left speakers. This addition makes your system officially a home cinema, but you can also expand your set-up over time. By adding two rear speakers, you’ll effectively have surround sound for the ultimate home cinema.

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