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Thoughts for choosing the best security system for your home

A security system can include so many things with the main aim to alert you if someone is trying to unlawfully access your home.  There are areas to consider when choosing the best solution, from do you include window and door opening sensors, what type of alarm should be included, what cameras do I need, can I link to the other smart home devices in my home – and just the basics – do you live in a house or apartment?

Whether you live in a house or apartment, there are options for all, although there could be restrictions from landlords if you rent your home, so it is important to check.  For total peace of mind, it is worth looking at installing home security solutions both inside and outside your home.

To help guide you, here are some of the most common home alarm systems:-

Wired System

Simply put, they are small wired cables from your alarm control panel to any sensor that is installed – the majority of wires can usually be hidden but not guaranteed.

DIY Alarm System

This is cheaper than paying a professional to do it for you but do remember you get what you pay for.  Two areas to consider before attempting this:-

  • Without a professional installation you are opening up your system to potential faults, sensors not being configured properly, tripping – meaning your alarm goes off unnecessarily.
  • Quite often the kit isn’t industry approved and can sometimes be seen as unreliable by insurers which is quite often why we don’t install our own alarm systems. Police also can have the same view so may not respond with an automatic response.

Wireless System

The main benefit of this option is that you only need to have the controller installed, all sensors can then be mounted where you need them without the need for any wires.  It is worth being aware that wireless systems can be more costly and you need to keep an eye on your sensors as they will be run from batteries or rechargeable – they will usually have the ability to alert you when they are running low.

Pet Friendly

With the increasing number of households having pets, it is advisable to consider this when choosing the system that is right for you.  Choose a system that provides the ability for your sensors to identify when it is your pet who is being picked up by the sensor.


There are three types to be aware of:-

  • Infra-red (beam) – motion sensing – simply detects when the beam of light is obstructed by a target
  • Passive infra-red (PIR) – heat sensing – detect changes in a room from the heat emitted by live moving targets
  • Activated by the breaking of a magnetic contact – usually installed on windows and doors


This provides the ability to control the rooms you want protected by your alarm system and which rooms are deactivated.  This is useful for example when you go to bed and you want all other areas apart from your bedroom to be activated or the room where your pet sleeps.

Smart Alarms

A great option that gives you control of your wireless system wherever you may be.  If you have CCTV installed it also provides the ability to watch any live footage on your phone, tablet or laptop.  You can control your system settings whilst on the move from any location with WiFi or mobile data access.

To choose the right system for you, get in touch with one an Approved Alarm Installer who will be able to evaluate your home and your needs to ensure you choose the best solution for you and your home.  Each home is different and your needs will differ, so get the right advice.

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