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There are more and more options for the home now in lighting than ever before.  There is LED lighting which is energy efficient, creating less heat, more light at a lower cost.  Many households are swopping to LED lighting to enable them to benefit from the above points.  You may just be able to change the bulbs but you may also need new light fittings if they are old.

Lighting is also important for creating ambiance and moods wherever they may be, it has the power to completely transform a room or space.  Every room tends to have a general pendant light or ceiling lighting, but you may want to consider task lighting for example where you read or work and accent lighting to create an ambiance in a living room, bedroom or a cinema room – lighting can really enhance these spaces.

Planning how you will use a space will really help to determine the lighting you require or what you want to change to and with the wealth of options available for fittings, lamps, bulbs and controls , you will be able to achieve your desired effect.

Lighting control is becoming more popular which can be achieved using smart bulbs and smart plugs – these are easy to add to your home and enables you to control connected lighting via an app or your smart speaker.  You also can install a lighting control system which can help to cut down on energy waste and create a great lighting experience and ambiance.  There are more and more options becoming available with different features and within different budgets – it is definitely worth talking to an Approved Lighting Installer who will be able to guide you to the best option for you and complete a quality install.