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UK survey reveals LED lighting increases property value

Smart Lighting

UK survey reveals LED lighting increases property value

A recent survey conducted by Uswitch Limited has identified that adding LED lighting to a home can have a significant impact on its asking price.

Founded in 2000, Uswitch is a price comparison website for energy, insurance and finance services designed to help UK consumers and ensure that they are always paying the best prices possible for the services they pay for. Uswitch’s recent study focused on improvements homeowners could make that would increase the value of their properties while simultaneously reducing the size of their utility bills.

While expensive projects like adding double glazed windows and biomass boilers to homes scored highly, not all improvements were as costly. Among the options that involved little financial investment while having a powerful impact on energy savings and property value was to switch out the use of traditional illumination methods for more energy efficient LED lighting.

Research shows that LED lighting is 80% more energy efficient than conventional bulbs, allowing households to save up to 90% on home lighting costs. By using a smart lighting system, homeowners can enjoy additional savings, as the latest options available include motion sensors to reduce usage when rooms are not in use.

The study also found that opting for a LED lighting solution could increase the price tag of a property by as much as £1,000. That is equivalent to the increase offered by adding underfloor heating to a home, but comes at a fraction of the price.

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