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Understanding the health benefits of an LED lighting installation

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Understanding the health benefits of an LED lighting installation

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems work by transforming electrical current into light and have many advantages for homeowners. Energy efficient LEDs can help households shave money off their annual utility bills but will also

last longer than traditional bulbs, making them lower maintenance and more cost-effective over time. However, there are also several health benefits associated with this alternative form of illumination. Read on to find out more.

Safer disposal

Traditional light sources can contain a range of harmful gases such as mercury, lead and arsenic. LED lights, on the other hand, do not. As a result, when long-lasting LED lights must eventually be disposed of, homeowners are tasked with a much less hazardous process.

Less harmful radiation

LEDs emit less radiation than conventional light sources, which involve infra-red light and ultraviolet (UV) emissions. Both of these emissions can be harmful to human health, particularly following long-term exposure.

Reducing glare

Artificial light is a necessity in our homes during the hours when sunlight is not available. However, man-made light produces glare that can cause headaches and even damage our vision when heavily relied upon for long hours. Fortunately, users of LED lighting solutions will find that these innovative installations produce far less glare than traditional home lighting.

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