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Smart Home Blog

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Grand Designs presenter advises on smart home tech

Ahead of a live London Grand Design event, televisions presenter Kevin McCloud recently shared his thoughts on home tech and some of the most cutting-edge options available.

When interviewed by [...]

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Alarms 1

What are the major benefits of smart home alarms systems?

The latest technological advances are making state-of-the-art security systems affordable and easy to install in a home environment.

Innovative options that [...]

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Ring Installer

What do customers want from a smart home technology installer?

To run a successful business that fits the latest smart technology in people’s homes, it’s important to understand expectations. A combination of the [...]

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Satellite TV

How to hide your satellite television dish

Satellite TV dishes allow people to access a myriad of channels and unique content, but their size can sometimes harm a home’s aesthetics. While this [...]

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tv wall install

Tips for mounting a flat screen television

If you’re installing a home cinema system, determining 'which TV wall mount do i need' and establishing the right height for your flat screen television is important. However, finding the perfect position isn’t always [...]

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Three useful tips for positioning home CCTV installation

Modern closed-circuit television (CCTV) devices are readily available to buy at cost-effective prices. Providing peace of mind and enhanced [...]

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Smart Meter

How smart homes help households save on energy bills

Smart home technology is designed to provide intuitive and convenient solutions for households looking to enjoy online media and greater security.

However, they are [...]

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Starlink Mounted

What is Starlink internet?

Offering high-speeds and low latency, Starlink uses advanced satellites positioned in low orbit to provide a wide range of internet services.

Previously impossible to [...]

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Logo approved installer transparent

How can your installation business get the Digital Tick?

You might be a specialist at installing home aerials or have expertise in fitting the latest smart media centres, but qualifications aren’t always enough to reassure your customers that you’re a trusted tradesperson. Fortunately, easily recognisable symbols like the Digital Tick make it easier for you to show homeowners you are a competent professional they can trust to perform work within their property. Read on as we explore what [...]

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Fitness Tracker

New smart gym released for home workouts

Homeowners looking to weight train without ever attending a gym are sure to love a new smart home technology option that has recently entered the [...]

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