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How to improve your Wi-Fi with correct router placement

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How to improve your Wi-Fi with correct router placement

Poor Wi-Fi connectivity can really impact how much you enjoy streaming your favourite films and shows in a home cinema, and getting your router in the right place can work wonders. Read on for some useful pointers.

How far is your router from your tech?

When it comes to using Wi-Fi, it’s a given that the nearer your equipment is to the router, the stronger the signal will be, and that as a result, you’ll have faster broadband. As Wi-Fi signals are unable to travel thick wall and other large objects, it is vital that you always have a clear path so that the signal can easily reach your home cinema hub, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Is your router in a suitable spot?

Positioning and placement are also important for routers. Always select a central location and get it as high as possible, with no obstacles nearby. Never tuck your router away in a drawer or cupboard, and don’t disguise it behind ornaments or picture frames.

Check your sockets

It’s worth testing your router in different plug sockets around you home and checking the speeds to ensure you are using the most effective option you have. Typically, you will find that your main phone socket is likely the best option. When you plug in, remember to always use a microfilter for top results.

Hiring a professional to install and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi system guarantees ideal results. To find a Wi-Fi expert in your area, browse our business directory at GetMeDigital now.

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