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Home Networking

Getting your home network right is crucial to be able to enjoy your entertainment, use your smart appliances, computers and more.  Your home network will also enable you to connect from multiple devices like computers, games consoles, phones, smart speakers and more and access files on your network or in the cloud.  Your internet service is vital and you need to ensure that you get the best broadband service for your area and make sure you have the most up to date router that you can.

You have the option for a wired or wireless network.

Wired – this is simply when your devices are connected using data cables and usually back to your router where you may need to get additional ports or use a hub when wanting to connect multiple devices. An advantage here is stability and internet speed.

Wireless – the main difference to the above is that the devices you connect to your router is achieved by using WiFi instead of cables.  This cuts down on cable and using additional ports or hubs.  To distribute WiFi across the home you may need to consider using access points which enables you to achieve this.

Setting up any network takes planning and usually some configuration with your router.  Getting it right though will ensure you enjoy all your home entertainment, connect easily with good speeds when using your computer and phone and have an efficient connected home. You can achieve this yourself but you can optimise your network and efficiency by using an Approved Home Network Installer to get the right network for the devices you want to use in your home – if you plan on using home security devices this is really important to get the performance you require – contact an Approved Home Network Installer.