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What’s causing your Wi-Fi signal issues?

Wi Fi annoyance

What’s causing your Wi-Fi signal issues?

Today’s smart home systems offer a convenient solution to enhance your living experience, from state-of-the-art lighting and security to streaming the latest games, movies, and music. However, regardless of the costs and quality of your equipment, if you have a weak Wi-Fi signal, your usage can be considerable hampered. Here are a few possible causes:

Other electronic devices

A wide range of devices can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, such as microwave ovens, home alarm systems, cordless telephones and even satellite dishes.

Physical blocks

A wide range of physical obstructions might be weakening your wireless signals. These can include concrete walls often used in building modern homes, along with metal objects and mirrors.

Other networks

Along with other devices, other local wireless networks can also be an issue. Help from a Wi-Fi installer can ensure you’re using a channel appropriate to the quality of service you seek.


Consider the location of your home router and its distance from devices experiencing a weak signal. Raising the height of a router can also help to improve wireless signal strength.

Check for updates

Just like other types of technology, routers need periodic updates and replacement when they become out of date. Make sure your device is using the latest firmware and, when possible, set it to auto-update.

Use an approved expert

To ensure you get the best Wi-Fi signal to enjoy your home entertainment, selecting help from an expert on the subject can be a wise option. To get in contact with a Wi-Fi specialist in your area swiftly, check out the business directory of pre-checked professionals here at Getmedigital today.

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