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Could your home benefit from a Wi-Fi booster?

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Could your home benefit from a Wi-Fi booster?

We live in a digital world and our homes are an important point where we connect with it. However, from socialising and studying to working and streaming media, it is little wonder that many home Wi-Fi networks struggle to keep up.

Compared to recorded figures prior to the pandemic, peak internet traffic has now increased by 38% according to statistics from the Wi-Fi equipment manufacturer Netgear. The big data requirements of multiple devices working at once can slow Wi-Fi to a crawl and hamper enjoyment of online interactions, whether that means communicating with colleagues and friends or watching our favourite shows.

An advanced way to boost your Wi-Fi’s capabilities

Next-generation Wi-Fi boosters have been specifically designed to remedy this situation. Many solutions use cutting-edge technology that can turbocharge bandwidth, eradicate dead zones and accommodate a greater number of household devices. Among the most effective tools developed, mesh networks can broadcast signals from several different points around the house rather than relying on just one router.

Which Wi-Fi booster?

There are many different brands of booster available, each with their own appeal. Netgear’s Orbi Quad-Band offers speeds of up to 10.8 gigabytes per second, while the Eero 6 can support more than 75 different home devices. The stylish but powerful Deco X90 Whole Home Mesh can handle 200 devices and blend in with home décor.

Installing Wi-Fi equipment

You might be setting up your first router or amplifying your signal with a booster, but either way, enlisting the help of a professional installer can make such tasks easier. For an approved Wi-Fi expert that covers your area, search our directory today.

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