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Four ways to improve your wireless network

Home WiFi

Four ways to improve your wireless network

Wi-Fi is a term used to describe a collection of wireless network protocols, which are mostly employed for local area networking of internet access and devices.

UK homes today have an abundance of wireless devices in use, from home cinema systems streaming films to smart hubs managing a wide range of domestic technology. As a result, having the best wireless connectivity is essential.

Follow these steps if your Wi-Fi could be better.

Select a central location

Place your home router centrally. If you live in a two-storey building, place it high up on the ground floor so that it can serve both levels equally.

Raise your router

Never place your router on the floor. Metal objects and walls can all become a signal barrier, so choose your position carefully to get connected.

Replace your router antennae

Standard routers have an omni-directional antenna. As a result, if it is placed near a wall, at least half of your wireless signal will be pointed at the world outside. However, it is possible to replace an omni-directional antenna with a high-gain solution. You can then aim your antenna inside and maximise use of the signals your router is broadcasting.

Get expert help

Finally, it can be far simpler to fix wireless issues with a professional on hand. Experts in Wi-Fi can troubleshoot your system and mitigate any dead zones, getting you connected correctly and saving you hours of frustration. For an approved professional you can rely on, try our handy search tool at Getmedigital today.

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