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How can router location impact your Wi-Fi?


How can router location impact your Wi-Fi?

Having a strong Wi-Fi signal is key to getting the most from home technology. From seamless streaming of your favourite TV shows and the latest movies to rapid internet access right when you need it, excellent Wi-Fi service offers premium experiences. Read on as we look at why where you place your home router can alter your signal strength.

Avoid metal objects

As the number one disruptor of Wi-Fi signal, metal can create a signal dead zone. For this reason, never position your router near metal objects around your house.

Electromagnetic waves are an issue

Certain appliances give off more electromagnetic waves which also interfere with Wi-Fi. Kitchen appliances are the worst culprits, including dishwashers, microwave ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers and cookers, so never instal a router in this room.

Other appliances that can be problematic in this way include cordless phones, radiant heaters, and TVs, so ensure your router isn’t installed near to any of this equipment either.

Perfect positioning

For even signal coverage, place your router centrally when possible, and boost your signal by elevating it above floor level and away from electric wires. In two-storey homes, locating a router near the ceiling on your ground floor will enhance signal strength upstairs.

An approved Wi-Fi installer

To get the best Wi-Fi signal and enjoy wireless systems without interruption, many homeowners get a professional to install their equipment. At Getmedigital, we’ve made the process of finding an approved installer in your area a breeze. Search for a pre-checked professional in our business directory today.

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