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Getting a better signal for your Wi-Fi


Getting a better signal for your Wi-Fi

When using home Wi-Fi, plenty of problems can impede the quality of your connection. In this blog, we’ll help you understand the issues you are experiencing and some solution that you can consider. When your internet is running slow, read on to learn how to improve your signal strength.

Make a direct connection

First try connecting one of your devices to the router directly using an Ethernet cable. If this solves the issue, then your home Wi-Fi signal is weak enough to reduce your internet speed. Study the Wi-Fi icon on the device’s display and see how many bars you have.

Are you low on bars?

If you find you only have a few bars, you can try and relocate your home router to a place that is more central. Alternatively, you can purchase a Wi-Fi extender online. If you have already bought a Wi-Fi extender, consider how much it cost as it may be a poor-quality product. Consider a mesh system for better results.

Do you have full bars?

If you find your display shows full bars but know that there are multiple Wi-Fi networks within your building, it’s possible that your port is too congested. To remedy this, try changing your current channel or utilising the 5GHz band to solve the problem.

Talk to an expert

If none of these options work, an expert in Wi-Fi will be able to assist you and Getmedigital can help you connect with one in your area. Try our easy-to-use search tool and track down the tradesperson you need.

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