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Three simple tips to speed up your Wi-Fi


Three simple tips to speed up your Wi-Fi

Nothing is more frustrating than slow Wi-Fi. Whether the TV show you are streaming keeps getting stuck, or the files you are uploading to a shared server are taking forever, sluggish Wi-Fi can negatively impact your enjoyment of entertainment or how effectively you work from home. While you can shop around for better broadband deals online and assess your current capabilities with speed-checker apps, here are three options to try first.

Reposition the router

Where you place your router is crucial. Make sure the main devices you use have a clear signal path to your router for the best connectivity. Concrete walls and metal objects can both reduce Wi-Fi strength, but height can also be an issue. Position your router as high as possible for improved signal.

Use the best socket

Regular broadband users who don’t have fibre should make sure that the router is plugged into their home’s master telephone socket. If you’re unsure which socket this is, test them all and see which delivers the best performance.

Reduce your load

Finally, having too many devices connected can seriously impair your Wi-Fi quality. Every active smart device will slow down your service so switch off internet access on every product you’re not using for faster Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi experts on hand

Professional Wi-Fi installers can be called up to improve connectivity and signal strength. To find an approved expert who covers the area you live in, search our database of qualified tradespeople today at Getmedigital.

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