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Communal Aerial/Satellites – what are they

These systems are usually in place on a block of flats or maisonettes and are installed so that an aerial or satellite system can service multiple properties.  You will see that there is one aerial or satellite and the professional installation takes the required signal into each property for the residents to access.  It means that for example, on a block of flats there aren’t numerous aerials or satellites, making the appearance cleaner and neater and more aesthetic on the eye. 

If you have a problem with watching TV in your home, it is worth checking with neighbours who are linked to the same system, if they are experiencing the same or similar problems.  If they are it is likely to have something to do with your communal system and you would need to contact your landlord or follow the correct procedure if you pay a service charge for services provided to the building.

If the problems you are having aren’t being experienced by your neighbours it is likely that the issue is within your property and not the fault of the communal system – the suggestion would then be to troubleshoot what you are able to do yourself and if then not solved – get in touch with an Approved Communal Aerial Installer.

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