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Why UK homeowners are selecting approved tradespeople


Why UK homeowners are selecting approved tradespeople

While many installers are professionals in their field fitting home technology like CCTV systems and home cinemas, not all have taken the time to become approved. However, whereas once UK households were content to simply contact a tradesperson who covered the area where they live, they are increasingly insisting that installers have been pre-checked to deliver high-quality services and expert skills.

Second best isn’t good enough

When it comes to home technology installations, homeowners have already invested significant sums in terms of equipment. Seeking a premium experience for their outlay, many people are now demanding that work meets an exacting standard leading them to only hire pre-approved professionals to fit equipment.

Raised levels of awareness

With more information easily available online, homeowners are now more aware than ever of untrained and unqualified tradespeople charging for inferior workmanship. To avoid these issues, an approved installer has become a new necessity.

Are you ready to become an approved installer?

At Getmedigital, we’ve simplified the process of becoming a pre-checked tradesperson and combined it with a professional listing on our business directory. After being approved, you’ll have your own personal profile on our searchable database, allowing homeowners in your area to contact you and enlist your services.

Once approved and listed, you’ll be able to add the digital tick to your personal branding, ID cards and company vehicle with our resource package, and gain access to many other useful services and suppliers. Contact us today to get pre-checked.

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