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Why should you use an Approved Installer?

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Why should you use an Approved Installer?

We provide consumers with an easy-to-use free directory of businesses for installation services for anything technology based in the home.  Whether it is a simple aerial fix or installation, automating your home to make it smarter or getting the best network in place for watching your favourite films or working from home – you can find what you need via our directory.

But why use us?  Well, we have been around longer than you think.  Right from the days when TV was analogue, and everything was changing to digital.  You may remember the little TV robot man and the pink digital tick that was carried by installers and on their vehicles – well that was us! At that time, we were making sure that you had access to Approved Installers to ensure you could continue getting TV when it was switched to digital.

Our professional standards and approval process remains in place today.  We do this so you don’t need to worry.  You can check out the process that we go through by visiting the details here, but in summary we make sure the installers you find in our directory are credible businesses and have the knowledge and skills required to complete the work advertised.  Most importantly we make sure that they are fully insured and have the correct levels and type of insurances in place to do the work.  We don’t just do this once we do this every year and if our installers want to advertise new areas of services, we check this out too.

What makes us different to the other tradesman type directories?  Well, we all will carry out some form of approval checks, we’ve been doing ours for nearly 15 years, so you could say we know what we are doing.  Our directory is different as it is there only to help and support with anything technology based in the home.  This means you will find exactly what you need, we understand the sector and the skills required, we get close to our members as a smaller community, and we also work with manufacturers so understand the products.  We pride ourselves on being a community and providing a niche set of Approved Installers to help you with technology in the home.

Don’t forget, you can get in touch with us directly, sometimes a quick call can help and then we can point you to the right Approved Installer or we can get them in touch with you.  We listen and help consumers every day with queries or even in the very rare circumstance when they are not happy with one of our Approved Installers – we will listen and help.

So, although it may be tempting to network your own home or install that new home security system, there is nothing better than getting professional help to ensure it is done properly and provide you with peace of mind – use one of our Approved Installers and you won’t be disappointed.

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