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Freeview Channel Changes

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Freeview Channel Changes

Some broadcasters are making important changes to their channels today,

Please note that the following information is not meant for viewer consumption, for viewer facing comms please use the information found on the Freeview service update.

On 24th April 2024 the following changes will be happening.

Channel Name Changes: (Local Channels)

Channel Name New Channel Name Channel Number MUX
Talk Birmingham Birmingham TV 7 Local
Talk Bristol Bristol TV 7 Local
Talk Cardiff Cardiff TV 8 Local
Talk Leeds Leeds TV 7 Local
Talk Liverpool Liverpool TV 7 Local
Talk North Wales North Wales TV 8 Local
Talk Teesside Teesside TV 7 Local
Talk Tyne & Wear Tyne & Wear TV 7 Local

Channel Moves:

Channel Name Channel Number New Channel Number Mux
ITVBe+1 58 93 SDN
ITV3+1 59 58 SDN
ITV4+1 93 59 SDN

Channel Launches:

Channel Name Channel Number Mux
Purpose Media 293 SDN
Talk TV 294 SDN

Channel Closures:

Channel Name Channel Number Mux
Zee World 278 SDN

Channel Closures: (Radio)

Channel Name Channel Number Mux
Hits Radio 711 ARQ B
Kiss Fresh 712 ARQ B
Kiss 713 ARQ B
Kisstory 714 ARQ B
Magic 715 ARQ B
Greatest Hits Radio 716 ARQ B
Kerrang! 717 ARQ B

Any changes to the above will be reflected in the Freeview service update.

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