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What is Starlink internet?

Starlink Mounted

What is Starlink internet?

Offering high-speeds and low latency, Starlink uses advanced satellites positioned in low orbit to provide a wide range of internet services.

Previously impossible to access with satellite internet, Starlink makes activities that require a high data rate – like streaming films and music, online gaming and video calls – a reality.

Starlink users are able to enjoy download speeds in the range of 100 Mb/s to 200 Mb/s, along with latency of around 20ms in the majority of locations. Read on as we investigate some of the features of this innovative option to access internet services.

Ideal for remote and rural areas

Starlink is well suited to locations where connectivity is entirely unavailable or unreliable at best. Users around the world are now adopting Starlink to access to a wide range of key services like health and education.

Considering the sky and space

Engineered by expert rocket makers SpaceX, Starlink is using cutting-edge technology to deploy an advanced system for broadband internet. Forward-thinking, Starlink is dedicated to reducing satellite brightness, ensuring the natural night sky is preserved, but its technology is also designed to keep the space around our planet clear. Unlike standard satellites, those used by Starlink deorbit at the end of their lifespan.

Get connected

If you are based in a rural community and are interested in Starlink internet, we can help. Consult our directory at Getmedigital today to find a qualified installer in your area with the skills and certification you need to get you connected.

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