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How can your installation business get the Digital Tick?

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How can your installation business get the Digital Tick?

You might be a specialist at installing home aerials or have expertise in fitting the latest smart media centres, but qualifications aren’t always enough to reassure your customers that you’re a trusted tradesperson. Fortunately, easily recognisable symbols like the Digital Tick make it easier for you to show homeowners you are a competent professional they can trust to perform work within their property. Read on as we explore what the Digital Tick is, and how your installation can earn the right to use it.

What is the Digital Tick?

While you’ve no doubt seen it many times, you might not be aware that the Digital Tick is a government-affiliated solution that is designed to be recognised by both consumers and the technology world. It stands as a mark of trust for those who carry it and as a sign that they perform an excellent standard of work.

Becoming pre-approved

If successful, when you apply to become a member of our business directory, you’ll be pre-approved and have the right to display the Digital Tick. To help you, we provide dedicated download packages with this symbol of skill and quality in various formats. As a result, you can download leaflets, stickers and van signage options, as well as digital files that allow you to upload the Digital Tick to your company website.

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If you would like to keep competitive with other installers in your field and use the Digital Tick as part of your business branding, we can help. Contact Getmedigital today for details.

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