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What does Starlink internet cost and who are its users?


What does Starlink internet cost and who are its users?

Starlink internet might not be the most inexpensive option to get online, but for those living in remote locations across the UK where coverage is poor it can be a useful option. In this blog, we’ll look at the cost of Starlink and who is likely to be using it.

Understanding the cost of using Starlink internet

Specific equipment is required to connect a customer to Starlink’s network of satellites. This consists of a state-of-the art router and satellite dish that cost £529 to purchase. After this initial outlay, households must then pay a monthly charge of $89.

While these set-up and ongoing costs are less affordable than many internet service providers (ISPs), they can allow homeowner who live further afield to access internet where ISPs can’t supply a connection.

Who is Starklink suitable for?

At present, 96 per cent of UK households enjoy high-speed internet, and in the US and across Europe approximately 90 per cent have access to the same level of service. However, in 2023 Starlink plans to provide coverage for areas with patchier service including South America, Africa, and Asia.

Closer to home many parts of rural Britain do not have sufficient cabling that allows homes and businesses adequate service, making Starlink an option worth considering.

Get Starlink set up now

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