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Google option voted best outdoor security camera

Google Nest Hub Max

Google option voted best outdoor security camera

A recent report by tech specialist Digital Camera World has ranked the Google Nest Cam as the best outdoor CCTV camera available to buy.

Experts found the device excelled in terms of simplicity. Exceptionally user-friendly, the Nest Cam can be magnetically mounted to metal surfaces in and around the home and can be used for both outdoor and indoor deployment.

Once in position, it can send users a live view of the exterior of their property directly to the Google Home application. Through the latest edition of the Google app, households can enjoy a wide range of features including switching between live footage from multiple cameras placed around their home.

However, the camera itself has many state-of-the-art features and capabilities that are built in. For example, it has smart technology onboard that allows it to recognise the difference between animals, vehicles, people and packages. As a result, users can decide which of these identified entities and objects results in a notification without ever having to pay an additional subscription.

As this cutting-edge process is handled within the camera, users enjoy a faster service in comparison to equipment that requires footage to be transmitted to and processed by cloud-based servers.

Footage captured is delivered in 1080p (pixels), resulting in excellent image quality. It also has in-built storage to help it cope when internet connections experience an outage, ensuring no data is lost.

The Google Nest Cam is a wired security solution. As a result, a professional installation performed by a registered expert is recommended to fit equipment.

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