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How to hide your satellite television dish

Satellite TV

How to hide your satellite television dish

Satellite TV dishes allow people to access a myriad of channels and unique content, but their size can sometimes harm a home’s aesthetics. While this cutting-edge of obtrusive tech might not look out of place on a modern property, it can spoil the appearance of period and listed buildings.

Unfortunately, satellite dishes must be installed outside, but that doesn’t mean their presence can’t be minimised. Read on to find out how.

Tuck it behind the chimney

Homes with chimneys offer an easy way to hide their dish. Simply add your installation on the reverse side of your chimney to keep them tucked out of sight. All cabling can be routed behind drainpipes with cable ties to keep it tidy and hidden. To ensure your dish is installed securely, a professional fitter is advised.

Use a roof mount

Homes with flat roofs that can’t be viewed from the ground are also ideal. Install your dish using a weighted-down roof mount, but ensure your signal isn’t being blocked by the roof line or chimney. For the best signal, consult an expert installer.

Ground level

Finally, satellite dishes don’t have to be installed high up. You can angle them upwards at ground level in your garden and disguise them with ornaments and potted plants.

Do you need a satellite TV installer?

Whether you’re looking to get connected or have a dish installed, experts in satellite television equipment are an ideal option. To find a specialist in this sector who cover your area, use the Getmedigital search tool to track down a professional pre-approved by us.

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