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Tips for designing the ideal home cinema

Home Cinema

Tips for designing the ideal home cinema

Being able to select the movie of your choice on any given night and avoiding the disturbance of others talking and munching snacks makes home cinemas an enviable option. However, to create the perfect experience, designing a dedicated room for screening in your home takes careful consideration. Read on for some useful tips.

Pick the right room

If your room will only be used as a home cinema, pick an enclosed room with no windows, but for multi-use areas, pick an open plan space.

Select your screen size

Calculate your ideal screen size by measuring the distance between where you’ll watch from and the big picture. A comfortable sized screen width should be no greater than 1.5 times this distance.

TV or projector?

Projectors give an authentic cinema feel but work best in enclosed rooms. If you are setting up a cinema room in a mixed-use space like a living room, a TV is a better choice. As for sound, make sure you have a surround solution at least.

DIY or professional installation?

Setting up a home cinema can be time-consuming and technical. If you’re not an expert, the process can take hours, with no guarantee of optimum sound and picture. If in doubt, always enlist a professional installer to avoid frustration and disappointment.

Are you looking for an experienced home cinema installer?

If you seek to enjoy perfect picture and audio with a professional installation, at Getmedigital, we can help. Use our innovative search tool today to track down a dependable home cinema expert in your local area.

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