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Why choose a wired home CCTV system?


Why choose a wired home CCTV system?

The cutting-edge security solutions available for UK homes today include a wide range of intruder alarms, motion detectors, outdoor lights, and closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV). The latest smart technology options for CCTV often boast all these capabilities in a single product.

Cameras are triggered when motion is sensed, and any activity is instantly illuminated by a built-in search light or captured by infra-red night vision. If a threat is identified, an alarm will sound on the homeowner’s smartphone as well as within their property, ensuring that they are alerted regardless of their location.

However, to access these benefits, users must be able to count on their system. For this reason, a wired home CCTV system is best.

Wireless and wired

Wireless systems rely on battery power and the internet to operate. While this makes them flexible, it can also leave them vulnerable. If batteries are depleted or an internet outage occurs, home security can be compromised.

A wired CCTV system can still use smart technology. Offering the best of both worlds, these solutions use cabling connected to your home’s mains electrical supply to ensure they remain dependable but still use smart connectivity, allowing users the convenience and control of accessing systems easily from their personal device.

Secure your home now

A wired CCTV system must be installed by a skilled professional. To find a professional you can trust to enter your home, use the Getmedigital search tool to access pre-checked installers who carry the Digital Tick.

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