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Why choose a wired home CCTV system?


Why choose a wired home CCTV system?

Wired security camera systems provide several advantages compared to other types of security solutions.


Firstly, they are highly reliable and secure as the feed is transmitted directly from the cameras to the recording device over a physical connection. This means that wireless interference, hacking or sabotage won’t be an issue, making it an ideal solution for more sensitive applications.

Better Video Quality

Secondly, wired security cameras offer a much sharper image quality and can be set up at higher resolutions than that of wireless. This makes it easier to identify details such as facial features or license plates when needed.

Cost Saving

Thirdly, they are generally less expensive to purchase and maintain compared to wireless security solutions. The cables themselves are inexpensive and require minimal maintenance.

Advanced Features

Finally, wired security camera systems can easily be integrated with other security solutions such as access control systems or motion sensors for additional protection. This further enhances the overall security of your property and helps to better deter any potential threats.

Overall, wired home security cameras are an excellent option for those looking for a secure and cost-effective solution to protect their home or business.

Wired Outdoor Camera Security Cameras

Wired Outdoor security cameras can be set up anywhere outside of your property to monitor any activity in the area.

You will need to run a power cable and an ethernet cable between the camera and your recording device, but this will be mostly hidden from view and can easily be routed around any structures in your outdoor area.

These cameras are designed to withstand harsher weather conditions and are generally waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor applications.

If you are looking to instan an outdoor CCTV camera, then we’d recommend finding an experienced CCTV Installation engineer to do the work. Preverally someone who has all of the necessary accreditations.

Security cameras can be put near your front door for an extra layer of security, or you can install them around your garden, driveway or garage to monitor any suspicious activity.

Person Detection (AI)

Wired security cameras can also be connected to advanced analytics and Person Detection technology. This uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect any people in the area, alerting you if there is any unusual activity.

This technology enables you to react more quickly if any intruders are detected and can help to reduce crime rates around your property.

Night vision Security System – Infrared Technology

Wired security cameras can also be equipped with infrared night vision capabilities. This allows you to monitor your property even in low-light or dark conditions, giving you an extra layer of protection.

This type of security system uses infrared night vision light to illuminate the area, allowing you to clearly identify any individuals or objects in your line of sight.

HD Video Quality

Wired cameras are also capable of recording high-definition footage, allowing you to capture clear images and video even in low-light conditions. This can be vital for identifying any intruders or suspicious activities on your property.

Battery Powered Security Cameras

Battery powered cameras are another option for those looking for an extra layer of security.

These cameras are powered by a rechargeable battery and can last for months at a time without needing to be recharged so you need not worry about the battery life of your system.

They are ideal for areas where power supply is limited or inconvenient, such as remote locations or outdoor areas. They can also be easily moved around and placed in different locations to provide full coverage of your property.

Wireless Security Cameras

For those looking for an even more convenient solution, wireless security cameras offer a great alternative to wired systems.

Wireless cameras connect to your home’s Wi Fi network and transmit data over the air so you don’t need any additional cables or wires. This makes them incredibly easy to install and perfect for areas where you don’t have access to a power supply.

Like wired systems, wireless cameras are also able to record footage in Full HD and can be easily connected to other devices such as Smart TVs or tablets for remote access.

Disadvantages to Wire Free Camera systems

Wire Free models can also come with a few drawbacks.

The cameras need to be constantly connected to your Wi-Fi network, so if you have poor Wi Fi signal or if there is any interference or disruption you may experience occasional video drops.

This can make it difficult to monitor activity on your property, especially when you’re away from home.

Wire Free cameras are also more susceptible to tampering and vandalism, as they don’t have cables connected to them.

Floodlight camera

An innovative type of security camera is the floodlight camera. It combines a bright LED light with a security camera, allowing you to monitor and illuminate your outdoor area.

This type of camera is perfect for deterring intruders or criminals as they will be immediately visible in the bright light when they enter your property.

The camera is also connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, so you can access it remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Video Recording and Storage

Wired security cameras can also provide you with a range of video recording and storage options.

You have the choice between cloud storage or local storage on an SD card or Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Cloud storage space is often the most secure option as it provides remote access to your footage if needed, you will need an iCloud account and an active internet connection.

Motion zones

Wired cameras are also able to detect motion, allowing you to customize the areas that your camera is monitoring and alert you if anything suspicious is detected.

You can create custom motion zones for each camera, ensuring that only the areas you want monitored will trigger an alarm or send a notification.

This is a great way to reduce false alarms and allow you to be alerted to any activity on your property.

Facial Recognition Security Cameras

For an extra layer of security, you may also want to consider a facial recognition security camera.

These cameras use advanced facial recognition technology to identify individuals and alert you if there is any suspicious activity on your property.

The camera will detect faces and compare them to a database of pre-approved individuals that are allowed access to your property.

If the camera detects a face that is not in its database, you will be alerted immediately with an image of the unknown individual.

Video Doorbell

The video doorbell is a great addition to any home security system as it allows you to see and speak with visitors without opening the door.

video doorbell

video doorbell

This type of camera typically has an integrated motion sensor that can be used to detect movement at your front door and alert you when someone is there. You can also view real-time footage from the camera on your smartphone or tablet via smart alerts.

The video doorbell will also allow you to view live video and has a two way audio allowing you to speak to visitors when you are not there.

Smart Home Devices

Wired security cameras can also be integrated with other smart home devices, allowing you to link your entire home security system together.

This ensures that all of your connected devices will work in unison and allows you to monitor multiple areas of your property at once.

For example, if an intruder is detected on one camera, the alarm will sound throughout your home and can be used to deter the intruder or alert you of their presence.

All of these features make wired CCTV systems a great choice for any home security system. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect camera for your needs.

Here are some of the best wired security cameras available:

Nest Camera Security Camera

The Nest Camera is a wired security camera that features 1080p HD video resolution, night vision and 2-way audio.

It also has motion detection and facial recognition technology which allows it to recognize people entering your home.

It can be connected to other Nest products such as the smoke alarms, or you can connect it to Google Home.

Lorex Security Camera

Another popular brand of wired security cameras is Lorex.

Lorex cameras offer a wide range of features, including night vision, motion detection, facial recognition and more.

These cameras are also compatible with most Wi Fi systems and allow you to access your footage remotely from any device. The set up process is also straightforward and simple.

Reolink Security Camera

The Reolink security camera is another great option for home surveillance as it has excellent video quality.

This wired camera features a 4K Ultra HD resolution, night vision and facial recognition technology.

It’s also equipped with motion sensors which can be used to detect any activity in your home and alert

Swann Security camera

Swann Cameras are another great option for your home security needs. Their wired security camera systems come with a range of features, including motion sensors and night vision.

They are also compatible with most smart home devices, allowing you to connect your entire system together. The video footage is stored locally on an SD card or an NVR depending on the model you choose.

Hikvision Security Camera

The final type of wired security camera available is the Hikvision Security Camera.

This security camera offers a range of features including 4K Ultra HD resolution, superb night vision and motion detection. It can also be used with other Hikvision products such as the video doorbell or smart home devices.

These are just some of the options available when it comes to choosing a wired security camera system for your home.


Installing a wired home security camera system is relatively simple and can be done by an experienced professional installer.

It’s important to make sure that your cameras are positioned correctly and securely and that all connections are made properly to ensure the highest level of security for your home.

wired cctv dome camera

wired cctv dome camera

Take time to research

When choosing a wired home CCTV system, it’s important to consider all of the features available and find the one that best suits your needs.

By investing in a quality home security camera system, you can ensure that your property is safe and secure at all times.

Cost Effective

Finally, wired security cameras are also cost effective. As they require fewer components to be installed compared to wireless systems, they usually have lower installation costs and can save you money in the long run.

In addition, most wired security cameras are built for longevity and don’t require regular maintenance or replacement parts like their wireless counterparts do.

Most also do not require any monthly fees.

To Conclude…

With so many features and benefits, it’s easy to see why these cameras are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you’re looking for something basic or advanced, there is sure to be a camera that will suit your needs. Investing in a quality security camera system is an important step in protecting your home and loved ones.

Take the time to research the security cameras available and find one that fits your requirements, budget and lifestyle with the right camera, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from potential intruders or unwanted visitors.

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