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Blustream launch new Contractor 1080p Video of IP solution


Blustream launch new Contractor 1080p Video of IP solution

Leaders in the sector, Blustream have announced the launch of their latest Video of IP platform – the Contractor Series IP50HD.  Providing an ultra-flexible 1080p video distribution system which can be used for a number of solutions and projects. This new product is great for the sector as it enables an unrivalled opportunity now to build complex HD video systems whilst keeping the costs low.

The new IP50HD comes complete with a simplified 3rd party control integration and Drag and Drop TV – this provides an experience that is seamless both during installation and for the benefit of the user.

Blustream have been at the forefront of Video of IP solutions and the new IP50HD brings added value to projects on a budget whilst still providing quality and a seamless experience.

See the Blustream IP50HD here

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