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How can smart home technology installers find more customers?

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How can smart home technology installers find more customers?

You may be a dependable installer with experience and qualifications at the ready, but making homeowners aware that you’re available is not always simple. In this blog, we’ll get to grips with some of the challenges firms face when trying to reach new customers and an easier way to access a fresh flow of households in need of smart technology services.

Struggling to find customers?

Placing an advert in a conventional directory can’t always guarantee you’ll get customers based in the area you operate in, or those who require your specific service. As a result, you can waste valuable time in travelling and dealing with enquiries when you could be earning. From tradespeople who focus on fitting home cinemas to experts on Wi-Fi and aerials, installers often have a dedicated website. However, encouraging traffic to your site isn’t so easy, and homeowners seeking your services may never hear about what you offer.

List your firm on a business directory

Rather than chasing business, a smarter way to get a steady flow of installation work is to become listed on an online smart home technology business directory. After you join, you will get your own profile page listing your specialised services. You can also post testimonials from happy customers and web-links to promote your services and website.

Established business directories ensure homeowners can find installers in their area, so if a customer makes contact, you can be sure they’re equitable for you to visit.

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