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Calibrating your TV or projector to boost home cinema quality

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Calibrating your TV or projector to boost home cinema quality

It’s understood that most projectors and TVs won’t perform at optimum straight from the box. This means that unless you employ a professional, you’re going to need to make some settings adjustments yourself. Read on for some useful points when calibrating your equipment.

Back to basics

The simplest solution is to exit demo mode and then cycle though all available picture pre-sets until you find one you prefer. For a consistent experience, consider turning off any detection modes for ambient lighting.

Picture processing

After this step, check out modes for picture processing. While these can be helpful, they can also impact picture quality. Bear in mind that dramatic differences may sometimes lessen detail and subtlety.

Set your sound

While less involved than settings for picture, sound adjustment options are also worth examining. You’ll find modes like Dialogue Enhancement and Bass Boost commonly included but be wary that they can negatively impact balance and dynamics. If you’re seeking more bass on your system, additional equipment like a subwoofer or soundbar may be more beneficial.

Get expert help with calibration

While home theatre equipment has plenty of settings you can play with, to ensure maximum enjoyment of a system representing a significant investment, it can be well worth gaining assistance from a specialist.

If you’re looking for a professional to calibrate your home system, here at Getmedigital, we can help. Search our directory today and find an approved expert in your area, pre-checked by us.

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