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Google invites users to help shape smart home app experience


Google invites users to help shape smart home app experience

According to a recent report, tech behemoth Google is asking Nest product owners to assist in its testing phase for a brand-new design of its smart home application. As a result, tech experts are predicting that users will soon enjoy a revamped experience from the smart technology service.

A post by the tech firm stated that it was recruiting to form a group of testers who were highly engaged and interested in helping Google Nest personnel in testing a currently unreleased product. The notice appeared on Centrecode, a well-known product testing platform. In the announcement, Google did not specify the exact product, however it did state that the testing process would be focusing on the “next generation design” for its Google Home app.

The testing programme is presently open to any person who owns any of the wide range of smart devices that are compatible with Google Home. For instance, thermostats, Wi-Fi, displays, speakers, cameras, smoke alarms (Nest Protect), doorbells, Chromecasts, and locks are all compatible.

The recent report also mentioned that users of the product must be willing to sign their name to a non-disclosure agreement before they can participate in the Google Home app testing phase. While it remains unclear what the brand-new design will feature and look like, it is likely that any changes will be designed to significantly enhance the application experience for users.

The testing follows Google’s 2022 changes to its Home app, that included an all-new device control interface.

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