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Can UK homes access Starlink internet?


Can UK homes access Starlink internet?

Providing internet services to businesses and homes around the world via a dedicated network of low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX. It has earned a reputation of offering dependable access to the internet in remote places that struggle to obtain a connection.

While the UK is recognised as being advanced in terms of technology, many rural areas of the nation are still not able to have faster internet services like fibre broadband. As a result, the demand for rapid and reliable connection like Starlink is high among Britons living in such areas.

Starlink and the UK

Since the end of last year, Starlink internet has been an available option for most households in the UK. SpaceX is committed to increasing its coverage and updates a map on its official website periodically with new parts of the country it can offer service to. At present, Starlink coverage extends to Aberdeen in Scotland along with islands offshore. However, any locations north of this area are currently excluded.

What impacts availability?

Starlink satellites orbit most of the world, however actual availability can be limited as SpaceX must also arrange links through special ground stations and secure spectrum access before it can provide services in a specific region or country.

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