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Top locations to position home security cameras

CCTV Installation

Top locations to position home security cameras

CCTV devices can be an ideal way to ramp up security on your property. Discreetly placed, they can allow you to capture footage of vandals and trespassers that can help with prosecution. While fitted in plain view, they can act as a valuable deterrent. Most criminals are keen to stay off camera, so the presence of one will make them think twice about invading your space.

To get the most from your CCTV, placement is important. In this blog, we’ll look at three of the best places to deploy cameras and some points to remember.

Front doors

Front doors come top of the list, as studies show that 34 per cent of burglars enter homes via this access point. Affix front door cameras on your second floor to stop burglars interfering with your device. If a camera is designed to be in clear view, consider enclosing with a wire mesh screen to avoid any tampering.

Back doors

Around 22 per cent of burglaries occur using the back door, so placing a camera at this point makes good sense. Choose one with motion detection and an intruder alarm for extra protection.

Off-street windows

Unseen by neighbours and passers-by, off-street windows are a favourite access point for thieves with 23 per cent making use of their position. Point your cameras at these windows for complete coverage.

Hire a CCTV professional

For peace of mind and premium protection, a professional CCTV installation is always advised. Find a pre-checked expert that you can trust using our useful search tool at Getmedigital.

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